Beekeeper’s cooperative

Beekeeper’s cooperative of Lesvos was established in 1982 and since then we have constant growth by   gaining the consumers trust. Our facilities are in Alifanta near Mitilini , we have 110 beekeepers-members from all over  the island. We collect, processing, bottling and trade honey that comes only from our members. Our goal is to deliver a safe and high quality honey to our customers and ensure a fair enough profit to our beekeepers. 


Our facilities

Our facilities are in our own building in Alifanta Mitilini. We support 3 main activities, producing and sales of beekeeping supplies,  honey bottling and  secretarial - accounting  support of our beekeepers .

Απο άνθη της Λέσβου

Lesvos Wild flowers

Our wild flowers honey comes exclusively from island’s flowers such as vitex , wild lavender , thyme , oreganum , sage etc. Its worth to mention that in our island there no intensive farms so that means that our honey is totally free of pesticides and other chemicals .



We collect honey only from our members and we bottling according to high safety and quality standards in every jar and container that the customers asks for. Our automatic lines can bottle big quantity by the safest way.



Within the application of ISSO 22 000 standard we are doing chemical tests for  geographical and botanical origination and others parameters that a high quality honey must have. We also keep records of traceability and organoleptic characteristics.