Honey origination



The cooperative is attended by over 100 beekeepers from all the villages of Lesvos and the town of Mytilene. There is at least one beekeeper from each village so our honey is representative of our place. There are, of course, villages which, due to the particular bee flora, maintain large populations of bees.


Botanical id

The  10,000 hives of our members covers the whole  Island so  there are few flowers left untapped. The main beekeeping plants are vitex , oregano, thyme, wild lavender and secondary small annual and  perennial flowers such as asphodelus (Asphodelus albus), Cistus creticus. Vitex (vitex agnus castus) is the plant that dominates the beekeeping flora of Lesvos and is the dominant pollen in the majority of Lesvos honeys. It is a very durable plant that exists all over the island, and is a typical plant that we can see in  Lesvos Olive Tree ecosystem. We find it in Lesbian honey at rates of 15-40% depending on the year - season and gives honey brown to red color, strong aroma and thick texture.